Star Wars guitars in Guitar World magazine

An article by Chris Gill – Guitar World Magazine

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the market has become flooded with a deluge of Star Wars-related products. We’ve seen everything from a Kylo Ren-inspired black Dodge Viper to artisanal ice creams crafted in dark and light side flavors, but our favorite so far is this pair of Star Wars-inspired guitars built by luthier Vincent Uijtendaal of Vincent Guitars in the Netherlands.

The Vincent Star Wars guitars started out as a Death Star game board that Uijtendaal wanted to build for his son. “When the board was finished, I wondered what else I could use it for,” Uijtendaal says. “Then the voice of Ben Kenobi whispered in my ear, “Use it for your guitars, Vincent!”

The first Star Wars guitar that he built was the Imperial Caster, which is based on a Telecaster body shape and has its top covered with Death Star tiles repurposed from the game board. “I glued the resin top to a red alder body, which I used because its warmer tone compensates for the crisp sound of the resin top. The Imperial logo is placed only at the 12th fret position on the ebony fretboard, since the Imparials like to keep things plain and simple. The neck is flamed maple, but you can’t see it anymore since it turned to the dark side.”

Uijtendaal next built a light side guitar to go with the Imperial Caster. “I decided to make a rebellious,” he says. “I call it the Rebel Jag. Like ships in the rebel fleet, it looks as if it’s a combination of different parts. I also did some heavy weathering and gave it a few blast marks to look like it’s been attacked by Darth Vader himself.”

The Imperial Caster and Rebel Jag each come with their own custom stomp boxes with complementary graphics. The Imperial destortion pedal is custom built by Vincent’s “electrical Jedi wizard friend” and offers two distinct distortion tones, while the Rebel pedal produces four different tremolo and “astromech droid sounds.”

“These are the only two models in existence, says Uijtendaal. “How many I make depends on how many people want one, although my intention for now is to keep them exclusive and unique.” Should Vincent Guitars offer these models, Uijtendaal estimates they would sell for 7.700 Euros (Imperial Caster) and 5.700 Euros (Rebel Jag), both including pedals and cases. – By Chris Gill

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