Vincent bij NH Nieuws

De nieuwste Star Wars film gaat vandaag in première. NH Nieuws maakte een mooi item over Vincent en zijn passie voor Star Wars én gitaren!

Gitaarbouw cursus bij Vincent Guitars

Gitaarbouw cursus | Bouw je eigen custom shop gitaar

Heb jij altijd al een eigen gitaar willen bouwen? Dat kan nu in het atelier van Vincent Guitars! Tijdens deze gitaarbouw cursus assembleer jij in 1 dag een telecaster- of stratocaster-model in de uitvoering die jij helemaal te gek vindt. Voordat de cursus begint, maak je een keuze uit de kleur body, de hals en de hoogwaardige hardware. Tijdens de cursus staat alles voor je klaar en assembleer je de gitaar helemaal zelf, onder de vakkundige begeleiding van Vincent. Hij leert je alle tips & tricks die nodig zijn en aan het einde van de cursus ga jij naar huis met je eigen topgitaar!

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Fender stratocaster metamorfose naar Hank Marvin strat. | Timelapse gitaarbouw

Fender stratocaster metamorfose naar Hank Marvin strat.

Een van onze klanten kwam in de shop met zijn Fender stratocaster. De body was ooit zwart gespoten, maar hij wilde heel graag een andere look. Ben je benieuwd naar het proces van deze metamorfose? Check dan deze video!

Als jij ook je gitaar onder handen wilt laten nemen door Vincent, bel hem dan op 06-52 33 13 97 of mail

Nieuwe gitaar vlakken en afstellen

VLOG | Wat de grote jongens soms vergeten…

Regelmatig krijgen we klanten in de shop die – vaak online – een merkgitaar hebben gekocht die nog niet naar behoren speelt. We merken dat er in de fabriek soms wat stappen worden overgeslagen voordat ze in de winkels terechtkomen. Soms valt het mee, maar zoals je in bijgaande vlog ziet gaat er nog best veel werk in zitten om het helemaal in orde te krijgen. Wil jij ook dat jouw nieuwe gitaar echt lekker smooth speelt? Kom dan naar ons atelier! – tel. 06-52331397.

Jan Akkerman op de Star Wars Imperialcaster

Star Wars guitars in Guitar World magazine

An article by Chris Gill – Guitar World Magazine

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the market has become flooded with a deluge of Star Wars-related products. We’ve seen everything from a Kylo Ren-inspired black Dodge Viper to artisanal ice creams crafted in dark and light side flavors, but our favorite so far is this pair of Star Wars-inspired guitars built by luthier Vincent Uijtendaal of Vincent Guitars in the Netherlands.

The Vincent Star Wars guitars started out as a Death Star game board that Uijtendaal wanted to build for his son. “When the board was finished, I wondered what else I could use it for,” Uijtendaal says. “Then the voice of Ben Kenobi whispered in my ear, “Use it for your guitars, Vincent!”

The first Star Wars guitar that he built was the Imperial Caster, which is based on a Telecaster body shape and has its top covered with Death Star tiles repurposed from the game board. “I glued the resin top to a red alder body, which I used because its warmer tone compensates for the crisp sound of the resin top. The Imperial logo is placed only at the 12th fret position on the ebony fretboard, since the Imparials like to keep things plain and simple. The neck is flamed maple, but you can’t see it anymore since it turned to the dark side.”

Uijtendaal next built a light side guitar to go with the Imperial Caster. “I decided to make a rebellious,” he says. “I call it the Rebel Jag. Like ships in the rebel fleet, it looks as if it’s a combination of different parts. I also did some heavy weathering and gave it a few blast marks to look like it’s been attacked by Darth Vader himself.”

The Imperial Caster and Rebel Jag each come with their own custom stomp boxes with complementary graphics. The Imperial destortion pedal is custom built by Vincent’s “electrical Jedi wizard friend” and offers two distinct distortion tones, while the Rebel pedal produces four different tremolo and “astromech droid sounds.”

“These are the only two models in existence, says Uijtendaal. “How many I make depends on how many people want one, although my intention for now is to keep them exclusive and unique.” Should Vincent Guitars offer these models, Uijtendaal estimates they would sell for 7.700 Euros (Imperial Caster) and 5.700 Euros (Rebel Jag), both including pedals and cases. – By Chris Gill

Mitsubishi Zero Jag Demo

Vincent Guitars centraal in commercial

Een paar maanden terug kwam provider Hosting2Go langs bij Vincent Guitars om een promo-filmpje te maken. Te gek!


Vincent Guitars introduces Star Wars themed Guitars

Star Wars Guitars – Themed

With the latest Star Wars movie releasing soon, Vincent Guitars built two Star Wars inspired guitars: the Rebel Jag and the Imperial Caster. These two exclusive guitars not only have a great sound and an exceptional look and feel, but they are also equipped with two matching pedals whose effects are amazing.

Luthier Vincent Uijtendaal is a real Star Wars fan, so building two Star Wars-theme guitars was a matter of time. The Rebel Jag is recognizable derived from the Rebel spaceships, which will compete against the ‘evil’ Darth Vader and The Death Star space station. The surface of the Death Star you see then reflected in the Imperial Caster.

Vincent Star Wars Guitar ‘Rebel Jag’

Especially for ‘all you Rebel scum’ we made the typical Rebel-colored Rebel Jag, which includes a space ship surface. The fantastic sound of the Rebel Jag is partly due to hand wound P90s and the tone can be controlled by a special button in the form of an R2 unit, one of the little Rebel robots. Furthermore, there is a tremolo unit present. The Rebel Jag has a neck of flamed maple with a matte finish and a rosewood fret board with a Rebel logo mother of pearl inlay. “The Force is strong with this one!”

Rebel Jag body Rebel Jag

Rebel Jag whole Rebel Jag back

Vincent Star Wars guitar ‘Imperial Caster’

The Imperial Caster is the “dark and evil ‘counterpart of the Rebel Jag. The Death Star surface of this guitar was created by using various technical and miniature kit components, in the same way as most spaceships from Star Wars were made. By making a mold, we made this special surface. The ‘fat’ sound of the Imperial Caster is due to the two humbuckers that can be controlled with mother of pearl inlaid ‘Death Star’ buttons. The dark lacquered maple neck has an ebony fret board where the mother of pearl Imperial logo is showing. “Impressive … Most impressive”.

Imperial Caster body Imperial Caster logo

Imperial Caster close Imperial Caster head

Star Wars guitar pedals with matching sound

Ever hear a guitar sound like an R2, the little astromach Star Wars droid? You can with the Rebel effect pedal that comes with the Rebel Jag. If you hit the strings it’s just like R2D2 is sitting next to you. This amazing effect matches exactly with the Rebel Jag.

The Imperial Caster comes with a pedal too. This effect has two different options for destortion to have an optimal experience of the Dark Presence. In terms of look & feel it matches his Imperial space station too.

Imperial Caster pedal Rebel Jag pedal

More info and pictures? Check the Imperial Caster page and the Rebel Jag page.

Vincent Johnny Cash Jumbo

Hoewel Vincent Guitars vooral bekend staat om zijn elektrische gitaren, bouwen we ook akoestische gitaren op maat. Hier hoor en zie je de Vincent Johnny Cash Jumbo, bespeeld door niemand minder dan Jan Akkerman. Heb je ook interesse in een akoestische gitaar? Dan moet je deze zeker komen uitproberen in ons atelier! Bel met Vincent op 06-52331397 voor een afspraak en we bespreken al jouw wensen.

Jan Akkerman op de Vincent Travel Guitar

Special Jumbo Coming Up

Jumbo - The King

Vincent Guitars is working on a very special new Jumbo “The King” – a tribute to Elvis Presley. Right now we are finetuning the artwork, but we can already tell that it’s going to be a very high-end designed guitar with real diamonds set in the neck and headstock.

Stay tuned for more!

New Thundercaster Line

Vincent Thundercaster - Vintage White whole

This retro-designed guitar will take you back to the 70s immediately! The light weight, smoothly shaped red alder body goes with a very cool ‘off-white’ glossy finish and an edgy designed scratch plate. It’s accompanied by a Bigsby tremolo, two mini humbuckers, two volume and tone controls, and nicely integrated Swichcraft on/off switches. A flamed maple neck with satin finish and rosewood fretboard gives this Vincent Thundercaster a very easy and comfortable play. Sounds punchy, with an authentic flavour. Also can be ordered with hand-wound P90s!

Colours: Red, light blue, black, yellow, orange.


Eddy Zoëy Reports…

Jumbo - Johnny Cash Eddy Zoëy

Once in a while Eddy comes to us with a few injuries or some check-up requests. Besides he is a very cool musician, he’s also a well known tv presenter in The Netherlands. Check out his Socialcam vids for Vincent, and see what’s going on down there:

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